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E-services are the provision of services over the Internet. Customer experience management (CEM) is a vital part for e-services and Web services. This chapter will examine CEM in e-services by providing a unified architecture (SSES) and an intelligent system architecture (MEMES) as well as a cybernetic model for B2B e-services. The SSES unifies eservices, Web services and infrastructure services into a hierarchical framework. The MEMES is a high level system model for implementing multiagent CEM system for e-services. Both architectures tie together methodologies, techniques, and applications into a unified framework that includes both logical and intelligent embodiment of the aspects of CEM in e-services. The cybernetic model provides a new insight into B2B e-services with feedback from e-servicecustomers. The chapter also explores case-based e-service recommendation. It is argued that the proposed approach will facilitate the development of CEM, e-business and e-service.