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Creative Work

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Kreckler, D. J. (2008). Facade: Found People (photographic exhibition). Wollongong City Art Gallery, December 2008 - July 2009. Catalogue of artwork here; Art Monthly notice here.; contemporary media report here.



Research Background
This project sought to locate large-scale, everyday portraiture within a high profile public space. The project was a response to a challenge set by Craig Judd, Director and curator of the Wollongong City Gallery who asked: what images might be used to redesign the Wollongong City Gallery Façade; images that speak not just to a gallery audience but also the local culture?

Research Contribution
Several new strategies were developed both as a means of persuading the public to participate in the project, and having agreed, to successfully create a context allowing the subject to be photographed so as to create a candid image, one that is non-theatrical, immediate and unobtrusive. Kreckler was also able to deploy and experiment with advanced contemporary high-end technology in both capture (60 Mpxl Hasselblad) and using large-scale print facilities.

Research Significance
This work was commisioned by the Wollongong City Gallery. Exhibited on the ‘façade’ of the gallery for over twelve months, the work progresses a long tradition of street photography ranging from Walker Evans’ Chicago works from the mid 1940’s to Swiss artist, Beat Streuli’s contemporary photographs. By capturing specific moments in contemporary Australian life, the work sought to evoke a sense of ‘everyday arcadias’ as described by Trevor Smith in his essay, “Everyday Arcadias” (Biennale of Sydney catalogue 1998 – on Beat Streuli). The photographic format created by the “Façade” project for the gallery’s external walls has since been appropriated by the gallery for ongoing exhibition.