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This is the first of three progress reports on geographies of tourism. Although articles on tourism have appeared previously in this journal (eg, Mansfeld, 1990; Squire, 1994; Crang, 1997; Del Casino and Hanna, 2000), and over 20 years ago reports were written on recreation and leisure (see Patmore, 1977; 1978; 1979; Patmore and Collins, 1980; 1981), systematic progress reports on tourism have been absent until now. In this report, I attempt two things: first, I situate tourism in postwar geography, through an analysis of work published in the field; and, second, I briefly sketch areas of emphasis in recent tourism geography. Although not taken seriously by some, and still considered marginal by many, tourism constitutes an important point of intersection within geography, and its capacity to gel critical, integrative and imperative research appears to be increasingly realized.