Wilde Tales

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Creative Work

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Lobb, Joshua M. (2007) Wilde Tales - a radical re-writing of Oscar Wilde's Fairy Tales, performed by State of Play, Riverside Theatre, Parramatta, 3 July. Script: 50p.

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Research Background
“Wilde Tales” was performed by State of Play Theatre Company, under the direction of Julian Louis, and produced by Critical Stages. The production—an extension of an earlier version (Belvoir St B Sharp Season 2004)—toured NSW in July-August, 2007. The work was a radical adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s fairy tales: highlighting the more menacing aspects of the stories. The project explored the representation of desire. It also interrogated the modes of storytelling available in contemporary theatre: textual, physical, aural, and visual.

Research Contribution
State of Play provides space for collaboration between writers, directors, designers and actors over a sustained period of time; writing/rehearsal take place over one year, as opposed to the standard 4-6 week rehearsal period. This extended exploration and interaction between creative artists allows for unique performance work that utilises every aspect of the theatrical palette: text, physicality and image. “Wilde Tales” found new solutions for the representations of desire and jealousy through dance, costume and textual abstraction.

Research Significance
Critical Stages is funded by the Theatre Board of the Australia Council and Arts NSW. Its aim is “to find further life for outstanding productions from the independent theatre sector” (Critical Stages, 2010). Reviews of “Wilde Tales” describe it as “a celebration of the intangible and a theatrical delight…demonstrating theatre’s capacity to allow perception of what remains difficult to define or describe clearly” (SMH, 19/10/2004) and “a fine example of…clean-lined and vividly physical storytelling” (Sun-Herald, 24/10/2004).