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Simoes da Silva, T. (2009). Narrating redemption: life writing and whiteness in the new South Africa: Gillian Slovo''s Every Secret Thing. ARIEL: a review of international English literature, 39 (4), 91-107.


In her influential reflection on the work of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Country of My Skull (1997), Anjtie Krog cites psychologist Nomfundo Walaza’s lament about the reaction of White South Africans to the commission. In a private conversation with Krog, Walaza asserted:

What makes me angry is that whites are privatising their feelings. If you as a black person cry, you cry alone at the hearings. If you are angry, there is no person to direct that against verbally— they hide in their suburbs, they hide behind their court interdicts and legal representatives. The pain of blacks is being dumped into the country more or less like a commodity article— easy to access and even easier to discard (161).