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Sharrad, P. (2009). Australians, Orientals and Indians. In D. Narayan. Bandyopadhyay & S. Banerjee (Eds.), Australian Studies: Reading History, Culture and Identity (pp. 19-35). Delhi & Kolkata: Worldview Publications.


If you look at Alison Broinowski's The Yellow Lady or Robyn Gerster's collection of Australian writing with Asian settlings, Hotel Asia, you can see that, despite its infamous White Australia Policy and its ties to Britain as 'home' (London), Australia had a continuous network of contacts with the lands and peoples to its north. Much of this region was thought of by Australians as 'the East' because of Eurocentric imperialist attitudes, and so we can inspect all of this 'culture contact' writing through the lens of Orientalism, as set out by Edward Said.