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Clark, M. (2013). Out of the shadows: Aboriginal Gothic, ‘race’, identity and voice in Tracey Moffat’s beDevil. In P. M. Mehtonen & M. Savolainen (Eds.), Gothic Topographies: Language, Nation Building and ‘Race’ (pp. 105-117). United Kingdom: Ashgate.


Whilst there is still a long way to go to reach parity with non-Aboriginalissuance, since the 1980s there has been an upsurge in the published work ofdocumented processes of colonization and their place (or lack of place) withinthem. Established Agoriginal writers of historical fiction like the late RubyLangford Ginibi, Sally Morgan, Doris Pilington (Nugi Garimara) and SamWatson have been joined in more recent times by a new proliferation of award-winning authors such as Kim Scott and Alexis Wright. Likewise, the creativeproduction of filmmakers Beck Cole, Tracey Moffatt, Sally Riley and WarwickThornton has received wide critical acclaim for its contribution to the re-insertion of Indigenous presence into the landscape of white Australian historyand the destabilization of its master narrative status.