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Creative Work

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Ingham, Stephen F. (2003). Song of the North (for organ and electronics). Hans-Ola Ericsson, Lahti, Finland, 20p. [Musical score]



Research Background
As a composer and musician engaged in practice-based research at the tertiary level for over thirty-five years, Ingham’s original creative works have served to extend and develop various genres of acoustic and electroacoustic music. These works have been performed and in many cases commissioned by performers of the highest international calibre, and subsequently broadcast and disseminated both nationally and internationally via recordings and scores. The research objective of Song of the North was to investigate the combination of live organ with pre-recorded sound, and as such contribute to a quickly-growing contemporary genre with as yet a very limited repertoire.

Research Contribution
Using a MIDI-sequenced synthesised part, carefully synchronised to the live performance, the impression is evoked of a timbrally expanded “super-organ”. This technique has been employed in Ingham’s work in the past, for example in Forging for organ and tape, the Second Sonata for Piano and tape, and Bastard’s Broth for alto saxophone and tape.

Research Significance
This work was commissioned by the prominent exponent of contemporary organ performance, Prof Hans-Ola Ericsson (Pitea Musikhogskolan, Sweden) for premiere performance at the Lahti International Organ Festival, Finland.