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A. McIlgorm, S. Hanna, F. Millerd, P. Le Floc'H, M. Pan & G. Knapp, 'How will climate change alter fishery governance? Insights from seven international case studies' (2010) 34 (1) Marine Policy 170-177.


We examine the implications of climate change for fishery governance using seven international fisherycase studies in low, mid and high latitudes, including eastern Australia, the western Pacific Ocean,Alaska, west coast United States, Hawaii, west coast Canada and France. Climate change addsuncertainty about fish stock productivity, migratory patterns, trophic interactions and vulnerability offish populations to fishing pressure.Fishery governance has to address additional uncertainty from climate change in both the systembeing governed and the governance systems. The case studies reveal governance issues that indicateadaptation will involve more flexible fishery management regimes, schemes for capacity adjustment,catch limitation and alternative fishing livelihoods for fishers.Where fishery governance systems have been less developed, fisheries are less able to adapt toclimate change impacts. Adaptation involves addressing some of the most intractable allocation issuesof fisheries management.