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Posetti, J. N. (2010). Jihad sheilas or media martyrs: Muslim women and the media. In H. Rane, J. Ewart & M. Abdalla (Eds.), Islam and the Australian News Media (pp. 69-103). Carlton, Victoria: Melbourne University Press.


Muslim women are both highly visible members of one of the mostmarginalised groups in Western society and the most vulnerable tovilification and media stereotyping, suffering the 'triple-whammy'effect of sexism, racism and religious bigotry. Ubiquitously portrayed as veiled, they are concurrently represented as oppressed and radica lnon-conformists, as threatened and threatening, as passive sex slaves and exotic, erotic beings. Symbolised generically by the distinctive religious clothing some choose to wear, Muslim women of all cultures have become the most recognisable, visible targets of racism on the streets, yet at the same time they are almost invisible and voiceless in news coverage.