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C. Schofield & D. Freestone, ''Options to protect coastlines and secure maritime jurisdictional claims in the face of global sea level rise'' in M. B. Gerrard & G. E. Wannier(ed), Threatened Island Nations Legal Implications of Rising Seas and a Changing Climate (2013) 141-165.


It is now widely accepted that significant sea level rise is taking placeand that this phenomenon is likely to accelerate in the future. This posespotentially disastrous implications for many coastal States, especiallythose with large and heavily populated low-lying coastal areas, as wellas small low-lying island States. In addition to the essentially terrestrial,inward-looking threat posed to low-lying coastal areas and their associatedpopulations from inundation by rising seas, threats also exist lookingoutward from the land to the ocean spaces adjacent to such threatenedterritories. In particular, sea level rise has the potential to significantlyaffect national claims to maritime jurisdiction all the way to theoutward extent of maritime zones.