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Kreckler, Derek J. (2005). Derek Kreckler: Downstairs: recent and new work in photography and video, Performance Space, Sydney, New South Wales, November 3 - December 3. Exhibition review in RealTime Arts magazine, issue 71, here.



Research Background
“Antidote” 2005 was the key work in a solo exhibition, Derek Kreckler Downstairs, commissioned by Curator Blair French for Performance Space, Sydney. An immersive, six-screen video installation, “Antidote” records sound and vision of Quinninup Falls, WA, juxtaposing varying perspectives of the waterfall ranging from long shots to extreme close-up; moving from ‘real’ to abstract creating a perceptual experience that unsettles the viewer’s experience of the space.

Research Contribution
“Antidote” was created as immersive visual and sonic experience that recorded a scenic waterfall in a remote location bringing it into the exhibition space creating a unique perceptual experience. “… the experience it produces is something quite different, subtly disordering your everyday modes of perception in ways that are difficult to shake off. … The waterfall scenery may be sourced from the natural world but [Kreckler] unhinges the familiarity of the footage by setting it at different speeds. The rhythms of various channels clash, creating a shared audio track where dilated and compressed times frames wash up against one another.” (Dominique Angeloro, “Defying Perceptual Passivity”, RealTime #71 Feb-March 2006 p.36.)

Research Significance
The exhibition was the outcome of a commission by Performance Space, Sydney: a national centre for research and development in contemporary arts, funded by the Australia Council. Highly regarded art critic, Andrew Frost noted it as possibly the best exhibition in Sydney for 2005 on The Artlife. “Antidote” was positively reviewed in RealTime, and by Dr Adam Geczy for Broadsheet magazine, Contemporary Art Centre of SA.