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Kaye, S. (2012). International straits: still a matter of contention?. In K. Bannelier, T. Christakis & S. Heathcote (Eds.), The ICJ and the Evolution of International Law: The Enduring Impact of the Corfu Channel Case (pp. 149-163). London: Routledge.


In 1946, when the incident that gave rise to the litigation in the Corfu Channel case occurred, almost all international transportation across the world's seas and oceans was by sea. Although air transportation had received a huge boost as a result of its increasing use during World War II, and air power had become a new and vital important element in the armed forces of the victorious allies, ships and shipping were still of tremendous importance. The vast bulk of international trade over water was carried by ships, and international peace and security were directly affected by the ability of warships to transit freely on the world's oceans.