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C. H. Schofield & R. M. Warner, ''Horn of troubles: understanding and addressing the Somali 'piracy' phenomenon'' in J. Garofano & A. J. Dew(ed), Deep Currents and Rising Tides: The Indian Ocean and International Security (2013) 49-80.


Recent years have witnessed an unprecedented surge in piratical attacks off the Horn of Africa. While attacks against shipping in the northwestern Indian Ocean are by no means a new phenomenon, the scale and scope of recent attacks, predominantly attributed to Somali “pirates,” has made these waters comfortably the most dangerous in the world and has imperiled key sea-lanes vital to global maritime commerce. Although these developments have spurred the international community to respond through a range of measures, including most saliently the deployment of warships to the region from a diverse array of navies in order to conduct counterpiracy patrols, piratical attacks have persisted and now pose a major threat to shipping across a broad swath of the Indian Ocean.