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Journal Article

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Wang, Y., Yang, J., Zhao, W. & Su, J. (2012). Change impact analysis in service-based business processes. Service Oriented Computing and Applications, 6 (2), 131-149.


In the service-oriented computing paradigm,business processes can be wrapped and exposed as businessservices. Business processes and services are subject tochanges required by the organizational and regulatory policieschanges. A required service change can affect its supportingbusiness processes, and a change occurred in businessprocess can affect the services it supports. In this study, wewill provide some insights on the challenging issue in the service-based business process change management. Differentfrom the existing work in the field of workflow change management,this work focuses on the analysis of dependenciesbetween services and their supporting business processes.We present a taxonomy for the changes that can happen inservices and business processes based on the proposed service-oriented business processmodel.Aset of change impactpatterns are defined based on the study of the dependenciesbetween services and business processes and the identifiedchange types. These change types and the impact patternsthen can be used to analyze the necessary change propagationoccurring in business processes and services.We providealgorithms for determining the impact scopes affected by theservice and process change. A prototype that implements theproposed change management mechanisms is developed.