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Book Chapter

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Kerr, G. M., Noble, G. & Glynn, J. (2011). The city branding of Wollongong. In K. Dinnie (Eds.), City Branding: Theory and Cases (pp. 213-220). London: Palgrave Macmillan.


The city of Wollongong’s brand image strategy. 'Wollongong: City of Innovation' was implemented in 1999 and is still in use in 2010. The objective of this chapter is firstly to show how the leaders in the city of Wollongong came to realize that the image of their city had become a barrier to the city's improvement and growth. Secondly, supported by an analysis of recent interviews with some involved in the brand strategy, an explanation is provided of the process which was undertaken to gain support for and implement, what was to become known as the city image campaign. Advice has also been obtained from some stakeholders as to what could have been done better and what more could have been done. Finally, some concluding comments are provided.