Daragang Magayon Cantata (Stage Performance)

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Creative Work

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Latukefu, L., Munro, I. & Bobis, M. C. (2006). Daragang Magayon Cantata (Stage Performance) Lennox Theatre, Parramatta. April 29 2006 : Western Sydney Aurora Festival.

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Link to an audio file of Daragang Magayon Cantata here.

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Research Background
Intercultural and interdisciplinary works feature in traditional Western music recitals. Interdisciplinary practice happens in the collaborative setting up of the work, but on stage the music performers are often privileged. However, Asia-Pacific forms of music performance are intrinsically hybrid, with less hierarchy among disciplines. What if this Asia-Pacific model re-fashions the Western music recital form?

Research Contribution
An original Philippine epic poem, the work had performances in the traditional hybrid form (solo performer, i.e. the shaman, chants, dances and tells a story). These poetry and Philippine rhythms were transformed by a Western composer into an innovative, operatic musical hybrid of East-West and performed in a Western music recital by an opera singer, a pianist and a dancer-chanter. This new form of performance challenged the underlying assumptions about ‘what is allowed’ in a Western music recital, breaking the hierarchy of disciplines. The traditional dancer-chanter became another instrument, the opera singer took on dance-like stances and both echoed and subverted the melody and rhythms of the pianist in an ongoing negotiation among various disciplines and cultures.

Research Significance
A finalist for the Choral/Vocal Work of the Year (2007 Classical Music Awards; APRA, Australian Music Centre (AMC)), and included in the CD compilation ('Jo-Wha: Oneness') of the 2006 Aurora Festival. It was also the subject of two book chapters on the singer’s journey towards its performance ('Music of the Spirit: Asian-Pacific Musical Identity', AMC, 2008) and the various creative transformations from the original poem ('Intercultural Music: Creation and Interpretation', AMC, 2007).