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Redgate, J. (2006). 2006 Clemenger Contemporary Art Award (Work titled STRAIGHTCUT III). National Gallery of Victoria, August 24 - October 22, Melbourne: Council of the Trustees of the National Gallery of Victoria. Download catalogue here; see also Jacky Redgate exhibited work website here.



Research Background
Jacky Redgate was invited to contribute work to the 2006 Clemenger Contemporary Art Award, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, curators Kelly Gellatly and Jason Smith. The Clemenger Contemporary Art Award is one of Australia’s more prestigious art awards and the 2006 exhibition was the fifth in the series.

Research Contribution
For this exhibition, Redgate created the photographic series ‘STRAIGHTCUT III’ 2006 and the sculptural work ‘Edgeways’ 2006, which continued Redgate’s ongoing interest in working with objects, mirrors and abstract compositions, extending the relationships in her work to photography, painting and sculpture.

Research Significance
The Clemenger has a proven reputation as one of the most prestigious and exciting visual arts events in Australia. The 2006 award included artists of national significance including Redgate, Robert Baines, Janangoo Butcher Cherel, Anne Ferran, Ivan Namirrkki, Ken Thaiday, Imants Tillers, Hossein Valamanesh, Toni Warburton, Judy Watson, Judith Wright and the late Bronwyn Oliver.
The Clemenger will draw together a group of established artists whose work is conceptually and stylistically diverse, yet unified in its engagement with some of the prevailing cultural and social issues of contemporary life. It is national in its scope, cross-generational, and brings into dialogue the works of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian artists. The exhibition is accompanied by a multi-author, scholarly catalogue and a range of public and education programs. Clemenger Contemporary Art Award.
Redgate’s catalogue note was contributed by Michael Desmond: ‘Jacky Redgate’, Clemenger Art Award (catalogue), National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne: 18–19.