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Macgregor, R. C., Hyland, P. N. & Harvie, C. (2009). Decision making concerning the acquisition and use of information and communication technology (ICT) in medical practices. Journal of Information Technology Research, 2 (2), 28-41.


A number of studies both within medical practices as well as the wider small business sector suggest that gender plays a role in both decision-making and the running of the business. Yet despite these apparent differences, the role of gender in the adoption of ICT in medical practices has remained largely ignored. This paper presents a study of 196 GPs (128 males, 68 females) who have adopted ICT in their practice. The results of this study show that the perception of drivers of ICT adoption and use in medical practices appear to differ depending on the gender of the GP. Where male GPs consider that there are 3 distinct underlying reasons for ICT adoption (medical/ business efficiency, external pressure, enhanced communication), female GPs couple enhanced communication with medical/business efficiency as the single most important driver for ICT adoption.