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Lim, J. (2011). The dynamics of trans-regional business and national politics: The impact of events in China on Fujian-Singapore tea trading networks, 1920-1960. In D. Heng & S. Aljunied (Eds.), Singapore in Global History (pp. 135-150). Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.


[extract] This chapter examines the business network of the Chinese tea merchants in Singapore and the impact of events in China on it. Large numbers of overseas Chinese who had migrated from Fujian to Singapore were familiar with Fujian tea and continued to consume it. This consumption pattern led to the merchants in Fujian opening new firms in Singapore to trade in Fujian tea, especially semi-fermented wulong varieties such as Anxi tieguanyin and Wuyi shuixian. These merchants arrived in Singapore either to start branches of their families' tea businesses from Fujian or to establish new companies to import, reprocess, and re-export teas.