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Cambourne, B. & Kiggins, J. (2013). Reforming how we prepare teachers to teach literacy: Why? What? How?. In K. Hall, T. Cremin, B. Comber & L. C. Moll (Eds.), International handbook of research on children''s literacy, learning and culture (pp. 440-455). Chichester, United Kingdom: Wiley-Blackwell.


This chapter is about reforming the preparation of pre-service teachers to teach literacy. Itaddresses three specific reform questions:Why reform how we prepare teachers to teach literacy?What aspects of this preparation need reform?How can such reforms be implemented?In the process of addressing these questions we explore the implications of paradigmatic changeto traditional ways of organizing, delivering, and assessing professional knowledge in a typicalhigher education setting. We draw on a regional Australian university’s ten year experiment toreform its pre-service program to inform this exploration.