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Khorana, S. (2011). Locations: The situated influences of Deepa Mehta’s film trilogy. In D. Glenn, E. Bouvet & S. Floriani (Eds.), Imagining Home: Migrants and the Search for a New Belonging (pp. 172-191). South Australia: Wakefield Press.


This chapter locates Indo-Canadian filmmaker Deepa Mehta, thedirector of the elements film trilogy, in relation to the various cinematictraditions that have influenced her personally, culturally, as well as creatively.Mehta may be considered representative of a growing breed ofprivileged South Asian intellectuals and artists in the diaspora whoselives and work are receiving increasing coverage in the home countries,in the diaspora, and in the 'liberal' west. While the complex locationof such individuals and of their creative and critical work may at firstseem difficult to theorise, they have been preceded by other 'ethnics'(diasporic and non-diasporic) who appear to disturb the east-westbinary and cross over in terms of the content and form of their culturalproducts. For example, Chinese cinema in the mid-1990s is symbolicof such a disturbance, as it was considered to be 'undergoing a tensionin redefining nationalisation and internationalisation' (Lau 1995: 22).The same may be said of recent Indian and Indian diasporic cinema,even though there are differences in the respective cinematic forms.