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Marks, N. J. (2011). Stem Cell Researchers Trust, Ambivalence and Reflexivity: Opportunities for Improved Science-Public Relations?. Science and Public Policy, 38 (7), 541-554.


Science is a central part of late modern society, but does not automatically command public trust. 'Reflexivity' - both in the sense of addressing the unintended consequences of one's work, and in the sense of examining one's normative assumptions - has been put forward as a way of improving science-public trust relations. Here, the reflexive potential of stem cell researchers' discourses is examined. These professionals express feelings of dependence and trust/ambivalence towards their work. They raise important concerns with regards to the internationalisation of science, clinical trials, informed consent and commercialisation. The analysis of these discourses uncovers examples of reflexivity. These should be encouraged and built upon to offer a chance of improving relations between science and members of the public.