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Eklund, P. W. & Villerd, J. (2010). A survey of hybrid representations of concept lattices in conceptual knowledge processing. International Conference on Formal Concept Analysis (pp. 296-311). Germany: Springer-Verlag.


A feature of Formal Concept Analysis is the use of the line diagram of the concept lattice to visualize a conceptual space. The line diagram is a specialized form of Hasse diagram labeled with the object extents and the attribute intents. The line diagram is usually drawn so that its rendering maximizes symmetry and minimizes edge crossings. Further the line diagram is usually layered hierarchically from top to bottom. Variations of the line diagram are frowned upon in the mathematical treatment of Formal Concept Analysis but hybrid presentations of concept lattices have practical value when used in an appropriate application context. This paper surveys previous work on using line diagrams and further explores hybrid visual representations of concept lattices. It identifies connections to other visual information techniques in data mining and information visualisation that can be used to enhance Formal Concept Analysis applications.