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Conference Paper

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Lewis, C., Kerr, G. & Burgess, L. (2013). The application of fashion to destinations. CAUTHE 2013 Conference Proceedings (pp. 471-474). New Zealand: Council for Australasian University Tourism and Hospitality Education.


This exploratory study investigates whether fashion is relevant to tourism and if so, the factors that contribute to making a destination fashionable. To achieve these objectives, in-depth interviews with tourism experts were undertaken. Participants agreed fashion was relevant to tourism and successful destinations were often perceived to be fashionable. Further, participants identified factors which seem to be present in more fashionable places. We refer to these factors as the 'destination fashion mix'. This includes special characteristics of the tourism product as well as specific promotional efforts. Given the encouraging nature of the findings, research is now underway to identify all likely components of the destination fashion mix and to develop a methodology which supports the proposition that the presence of these factors is a necessary condition for a place to be more fashionable. If validated the destination fashion mix will provide destination marketers with a framework to enhance the fashionability of a destination.