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Vel, P., Sharma, R. & Yusuf Ismail, T. 2013, ''An exploratory investigation of the effect of integrated marketing communications on consumer decision making process: a case study of Jetset Eurostar'', in R. Gabbay & G. Ogunmokun (eds), Marketing, Management and International Business: Contemporary Issues and Research in Selected Countries, Global Publishing House, Australia. pp. 239-250.


The purpose of this paper is to show how Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) has been used effectively in changing consumers' attitudes towards a service, eventually leading to service adoption. Using information gathered through primary and secondary sources, a case study is brought out on one of the travel destinations served by the rail service provider in Europe, the Eurostar, to evaluate the success of the Integrated Marketing communications (IMC) campaign used to impart a distortion in a consumer's decision making process. The Case study revealed that correct and careful use of IMC can lad to behaviour distortion, which organisations can then use to change the attitude and perceptions of their target customers. There is very little information about the effects of IMC on customer bhavioural distortion and attitude formation. This paper tries to provide the link between IMC and customer behavioural distortion and attitude formation.