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Conference Paper

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Pomering, A. A. (2010). Online social responsibility disclosure in sport organisations: Exploring current views and practice. Academy of Marketing Annual Conference (pp. 55-62). Coventry University, England: Academy of Marketing.


With increased competition for talent and stakeholder audiences, and increasing pressure on traditional business models, sport organisations and their constituent teams are engaging in and reporting on social initiatives. The internet is an increasingly important vehicle for such disclosure. The purpose of this paper is to explore the extent and content of social disclosure information within head-quarter sport organisations, across different sports and cultures. Using the content analysis method, we explore the websites of 10 leading sport organisations across three country markets to inform this study. Among the results, the study finds a paucity of social disclosure among sport organisations, along with differences between sports and cultures. We conclude that while CSR programs are becoming institutionalised in some sports, this appears the result of external pressures rather than internal motivation.