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Conference Paper

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Croucher, A., Pomering, A. A. & Kerr, G. M. (2010). Applying the sustainable tourism marketing mix to a passenger rail service: A tourism marketing student perspective. Academy of Marketing Annual Conference (pp. 88-94). Coventry, England: Academy of Marketing.


Sustainability is increasing in importance for business and especially so for tourism, an industry that relies on the social and physical environments to stimulate demand for travel. A new framework for sustainable tourism marketing was introduced to undergraduate tourism marketing students to stimulate thinking about how existing travel and tourism firms and organisation might operate in more sustainable ways to achieve sustainability outcomes. The purpose of this paper is to present one student‘s case example of how the sustainable tourism marketing mix framework might be applied to a tourism business: a passenger rail corporation. The method used is a single theoretical case study. The framework and the students‘ assigned task in the tourism marketing subject are discussed. Results show the framework used is potentially an effective management tool. The framework, we conclude, provides a useful addition to the sustainable marketing literature and a valuable and practical education and management tool.