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A. Golda & M. V. Johnson 2011 Last Exile Wollongong Wollongong City Gallery 17 June to 31 July Last Exile is a collaborative installation http://agnieszkagoldamartinjohnson.carbonmade.com/projects/2869760#10



Research Background

Recent trans-disciplinary scholarship attending to feeling including the affective, emotional and sensory registers of the body throws a spot light onto an unexplored terrain in critical visual art inquiry relating to how art might transact the felt dimensions (affective, emotional and multi-sensory) of a migrant world in trans-cultural contexts to the exhibition viewer.

Research Contribution

LAST EXILE, a large-scale mixed-media installation created collaboratively by Agnieszka Golda and Martin Johnson responds to the intersection shaped by the personal realms of family and cultural heritage, in conjunction with the operations of global politics and popular culture. In doing so, the work asks whether installation art may be a means for thinking and re-thinking a range of narratives acting upon migrant and non-migrant bodies. LAST EXILE seeks to reveal the links between feeling and politics, indicating a number of significant spatial strategies for responding to established systems of knowledge and institutions of a place that claim control over the borders between felt and physical worlds, involving inner and outer territories.

Research Significance

LAST EXILE was selected for inclusion in Wollongong City Gallery’s annual exhibition program through a competitive peer-review selection process. The artists were awarded an Australia Council New Work Established Artists grant. The gallery funded exhibition publication co-authored with the recognised South Australian art theorist and writer, Dr Ruth Fazakerley.



Last Exile is a large-scale collaborative installation of interconnected sculptural objects, textiles and paintings that explore the way migrant and non-migrant bodies negotiate the spaces they both occupy.



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