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D''Souza, M., Wark, T., Karunanithi, M. & Ros, M. 2013, ''Evaluation of realtime people tracking for indoor environments using ubiquitous motion sensors and limited wireless network infrastructure'', Pervasive and Mobile Computing, vol. 9, no. 4, pp. 498-515.


We present the development and evaluation of a realtime indoor localisation system for tracking people. Our aim was to track a person’s indoor position using dead-reckoning, while limiting position error without depending on extensive wireless network infrastructure. The Indoor People Tracker used wearable motion sensors, a floor-plan map and a limited wireless sensor network for proximity ranging. We evaluated how the position accuracy of the Indoor People Tracker was affected by floor-plan map features, wireless proximity range and motion information. The advantage of the Indoor People Tracker was found; it was able to achieve accurate position resolution with minimal error, while not depending on wireless proximity.