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Jones, R. A., Warren, J. M., Okely, A. D., Collins, C., Morgan, P. J., Cliff, D. P., Burrows, T., Cleary, J. & Baur, L. A. (2010). Process evaluation of the Hunter Illawarra Kids Challenge using parent support study: a multisite randomized controlled trial for the management of child obesity. Health Promotion Practice, 11 (6), 917-927.


The purposes of this article are to (a) outline findingsfrom secondary or process outcome data of the HunterIllawarra Kids Challenge Using Parent Support(HIKCUPS) study and (b) inform the design and developmentof future research interventions and practice in themanagement of child obesity. Data were collected bymeans of facilitator evaluations, independent sessionobservation, attendance records, and parent questionnaires.Internal validity and reliability of the programdelivery were high. All parents reported positive changesin their children as a result of the physical activity program,the dietary modification program, or both. Mostparticipants completed the home activities, but morethan half reported that finding time to do them was problematic.Facilitator review indicated that future programsshould specifically cater to children of similar age orsame sex, allow adequate time for explanation of complexnutritional concepts, and use intrinsic motivators forparticipants. Recommendations for future interventions,specifically the implementation of subsequent HIKCUPSor other multisite effectiveness studies, are detailed.