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Book Chapter

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Cole, C. "Good supervision: the creative work in process: effective and engaged postgraduate supervision in creative writing." Supervising Practices for Postgraduate Research in Art, Architecture and Design. Ed.B. Allpress, R. Barnacle, L. Duxbury & E. Grierson. Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers, 2012, 41-50.


In this chapter I examine the manner in which postgraduate degrees in creative writing offer a unique and often challenging relationship between a writer/student and writer/academic. I focus on the extent to which the supervisory relationship should be viewed in traditional terms or whether a modified analysis is required given the nature of the subject matter and processes of enquiry/research. I explore an additional consideration on this point, questioning the extent to which the supervisor and candidate may be able to enhance the creative experience of one another. I reflect on whether there is, as yet, an untapped potential for a more reflexive and reciprocal academic interchange.