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Sharma, R. & Yetton, P. (2011). Top management support and IS implementation: further support for the moderating role of task interdependence. European Journal of Information Systems, 20 (6), 703-712.


Sharma and Yetton, in 2003, hypothesized and found empirical support forthe moderating effect of task interdependence on the relationship betweenmanagement support and implementation success. In this issue of EJIS, Hwangand Schmidt critique Sharma and Yetton’s meta-analysis protocol, arguingthat a random-effects model should have been employed, rather than thefixed-effect model they used. Further, Hwang and Schmidt claim that themoderating effect hypothesized by Sharma and Yetton is not supported when arandom-effects model is employed. We re-analyze Sharma and Yetton’s data byemploying a dedicated, commercially available package for conductingrandom-effects meta-analysis. Our analysis finds no support for Hwang andSchmidt’s claim. The random-effects meta-analysis supports Sharma andYetton’s original findings: task interdependence moderates the effect of managementsupport on implementation success