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Powell, S. M. (2011). The nexus between ethical corporate marketing, ethical corporate identity and corporate social responsibility: an internal organisational perspective. European Journal of Marketing, 45 (9/10), 1365-1379.


Purpose – The commentary aims to consider the nexus between corporate marketing, ethicalcorporate marketing, ethical corporate identity and corporate social responsibility. It seeks to take anexplicit internal organisational perspective. It also aims to identify future research avenues.Design/methodology/approach – The commentary explains the relevance of the previousinterlinking concepts with a discussion based on a review of past and current research.Findings – While highlighting the need for a fundamental reappraisal of marketing at theorganisational level, it outlines potential problems and pitfalls with internal organisational ethicalalignment, between employees and their organisation’s ethical corporate identity.Practical implications – Enhanced appreciation for ethical corporate marketing and identity alongwith some of the challenges faced with internal ethical alignment, can help organisations andinstitutions to become more astute with the management of internal stakeholder relationships.Originality/value – The employee perspective for ethical corporate marketing, ethical corporateidentity and corporate social responsibility are all relatively under-researched. This commentaryattempts to address this by providing an overview of these intertwining concepts in relation to internalethical concerns.