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Tam, L., Wood, W. & Ji, M. F. (2009). Brand loyalty is not habitual. In D. J. Maclnnis, C. Whan. Park & J. R. Priester (Eds.), Handbook of Brand Relationships (pp. 43-62). New York: Society for Consumer Psychology.


Repeat customers are valued customers. And much of consumer behavior is repetitive. Panel data investigations have identified periodic patterns in consumer purchase and consumption (e.g., Ehrenberg 1991; Khare and Inman 2006). For example, considerable inertia-like repeated purchases of the same brands are evident across different shopping episodes (e.g., Seetharaman 2004). Self-report studies of the items consumers purchase reveal a similar pattern of repetition (e.g., Bettman and Zins 1977). By estimates from these studies, a substantial proportion of consumer purchases are repetitive.