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McHugh, S. A. "The affective power of sound: oral history on radio." The Oral History Review 39 .2 (2012): 187-206.


Using illustrative audio clips, this article offers insights into the historicalsymbiosis between oral history and radio and the relationship betweenorality, aurality, and affect that makes radio such a powerful medium for thespoken word. It does so through a discussion of the concept of affect as itapplies to oral history on radio and through a description and analysis of craftingoral history for the radio documentary form. This article features audio excerptsfrom radio documentaries produced by the author. Listening to the audio portionsof this article requires a means of accessing the audio excerpts throughhyperlinks. See “Instructions for Multimedia Reading of the OHR,” which followsthe Editor’s Introduction at the front of the journal, for further explanationon how to access this article online.