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Howson, R. (2013). Why masculinity is still an important category: [trans]migrant men and the migration experience. In J. Hearn, M. Blagojevic & K. Harrison (Eds.), Rethinking Transnational Men: Beyond, Between and Within Nations (pp. 134-147). New York: Routledge.


Introducing the idea of the "hegemony of men," Jeff Hearn (2004) questioned the way that both hegemony and masculinity have been employed in the critical studies of men (CSM) literature. In particular, that the focus on masculinity "is too narrow" and that what is required is a return to a more critically detailed and comprehensive deconstructive study of "men" (ibid., 59). This is made all the more relevant if we accept Haywood and Mac an Ghaill's argument that in the contemporary moment men, or more accurately some men in some "Western" societies, are finding themselves increasingly having to engage with complex social and cultural transformations that include:................