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Michael, K. & Michael, M. G. (2009). Innovative Automatic Identification and Location-Based Services: From Bar Codes to Chip Implants. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.


This book serves as a critical piece of documentary evidence for automatic identification and location-based services from its inception until today. Automatic identification (auto-lD) is the act of identifying a living or nonliving thing without direct human intervention. Location-based services (LBS) are the ability for an information system to denote the position of a user, based on a device they are carrying, or their position in a given context Automatic identification technologies and location-based services are both complementary and supplementary technologies. Being able to identify and locate someone on the same device is powerful for different types of requests. But even more powerful is the ability to imply someone's identity by their location. The latter has critical implications for the way law enforcement is conducted, emergency services are deployed, and loved ones are notified of your given circumstances. Indeed this book is about the social implications of technology, and how new emerging innovations are completely changing the rules of engagement.