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Creative Work

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Jelle Van Den Berg, Paintings, prints and drawings, Palazzo Frangipane, Tarcento, Italy, 18 December 2009 - 9 January 2010. Refer attached catalogue here; exhibition invitation here; and related blog (Italian) here.



Research background

This body of painting on a range of supports, including boards, paper and canvas seeks to acknowledge connections to narrative and literature in general and the novel of ‘Don Quixote’ in particular. These paintings make reference to the tragic quest of the central character as a metaphor for the place that painting takes in the visual cultural landscape, littered with pseudo-heroic displacement and search for identity in a globalised environment.

Research contribution

The exhibition encompassed a grouping of three distinct bodies of work, shown in separate rooms. Room 1 was installed as an installation of paintings on walls as well as the floor. Room 2 showed a large number of small narrative paintings based on Miguel de Cervantes’ ‘Don Quixote’, the man of La Mancha. Room 3 exhibited prints and suites of paintings with an emphasis on spatial relationships through the unexpected placement of works. International developments in painting have focused on the interpretation of the concept of extended painting. The continuum in the debate hinges on the exploration of materials not traditionally associated with the conventional use of a variety of media on canvas, but moving instead towards a more layered and complex use of space, utilising ideas around installation, the moving image, and other two-dimensional media such as printmaking and drawing as a way to rephrase hierarchies in visual culture.

Research significance

This body of work was exhibited by invitation of the Municipal Museum, Tarcento, Italy in association with the Pim Fortuyn Cultural Association.



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