re:- (large-scale projection with 3d compositions)

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Creative Work

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Joanne C. Law, re:- (large-scale projection with 3d compositions), Curtin Gallery, 10 February - 12 June 2005, Perth International Arts Festival. Jo Law's large-scale projection with 3d compositions by Hilary Bunt and Raoul Marks featured in the BEAPworks exhibition at John Curtin Gallery between 10 February and 12 June 2005. Artist exhibition website here; exhibition review here.



Research background

The installation re:- comprises 3 large screen projections, interactive electronic circuitry, and 60 goldfish. It explores the idea of memory as both structuring and structured by perceptual experience with the mediation of visualizing technologies. The work also utilises the proprietorial sense (the placement of body in space) and the kineasthetic sense (the sense of movement in space and time).

Research contribution

The project’s research and development into digital and physical computing in the installation context made a key contribution to understanding of these technologies and their creative potential. The process of working with code and electronics led to the innovative application of physical and digital computing. In creating a lyrical and inherently non-passive experience, the project avoided the reliance upon expensive production values, focused instead on engaging the viewer on an emotional and conceptual level.

Research significance

re: - was exhibited in BEAPworks for the Perth International Arts Festival 2005. Curated by the Director of the Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth (BEAP), Paul Thomas, BEAPworks was established as a joint initiative between the Biennale of Electronic Arts, Perth and Arts WA. Sebastian Smee, writing for The Australian, says, ‘Law’s piece, which sparkles with intellect, struck me at first as a brilliant, even savage new reading of this cliché [of short attention span]. But it goes deeper, provoking a mediation on our ability […] to hold up time, to recall things that matter or don’t, to review and rethink our lives[…].’ 05 February, 2005.