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This chapter sets out to critically analyze the emergence of psychopathologized queer youth and Fergusson et al.'s (1999) declaration that conduct disorder is more prevalent in GLB young people. I employ the term psychopathologized queer youth to describe the practices that configure youth sexual and gender non-normativity as psychopathological. Drawing on Seidman's statement that "Queers are not united by a unitary identity but only by their opposition to disciplining, normalizing social forces" (1993, 133), the word queer is used in this chapter to signify the sexual and gender identities configured as non-normative by these discourses of psychopathology. The term "psychopathologized queer youth" is thus deployed in a critical sense to indicate the ways in which discourses of psychopathology construct the notion of non-normative sexual and/or gender identities as psychopathological.