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Linaminan - 'The House of Linamin, - is a sacred Pala'wan site and prominent feature on the landscape within the Barangay of Isumba, in the municipality of Sofronio Espanola, on the island of Palawan, Philippines. With views out to the Sulu Sea and across the surrounding rice-paddies, this metamorphic outcrop stands over sixty metres above sea level, Repeated and large-scale treasure-hunting in search of the mythical 'Yamashita Gold', has revealed an archaeological site of local and regional importance, As well as being the earliest ceramic tradeware-bearing terrestrial site in the Philippines, Linaminan has produced a remarkable array of polished stone adzes and iron implements, as well as a vast earthenware assemblage. Analysis of excavated material continues, but here we present a full report on excavations, The goal of this article, therefore, is to fully present the methods and results of excavation, with more interpretive and specialist papers to follow.