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Creative Work

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Diana Wood Conroy & Liz Jeneid, (2010). Breathing Space. Exhibition held at Wollongong City Gallery, 13 March - 25 April, Wollongong. Music for exhibition composed by Stephen Ingham. Refer attached catalogue here.



Research Background

Breathing Space is a collaborative exhibition by Liz Jeneid and Diana Wood Conroy, held at Wollongong City Art Gallery, The craft movement of the 1970s and the impetus to create new theoretical models for textiles, forms the background to this exhibition comprising more than 40 works across printmaking, artists’ books, drawing and tapestry weaving, created by these two senior artists.

Research Contribution

Breathing Space was grounded in ideas about the rhythm of breath and time, and the importance of reiterated elements in art processes such as weaving and drawing. It played on the meaning of the Greek word ‘aesthesis’ or aesthetics derived from ‘aisthou’, meaning ‘I breathe in’, or ‘gasp’.

By investigating ways of resonating with almost forgotten places and surfaces through intricate techniques, the research recorded transitions and turning points in perception through sight and touch. It linked the rhythm of breathing to the space of weaving, through pattern.

Research Significance

Exhibited at Wollongong City Gallery, the exhibition was reviewed in the ERA ranked journal, Textile Journal of Cloth and Culture, Berg, London, by Belinda von Mengerson. Two works - one by each artist - were acquired by the University of Wollongong Art Collection.