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What, then, does it mean for a group of academics over the age of nineteen to begin to rummage around in teen culture? This is a pertinent question posed by the editors to which the obvious response might be, they produce a book like this: a collection of essays which worry about genre, consumption and identity in relation to the troublesome nexus of the teen and television, always haunted by the nagging anxiety that aging academics just might not get it any more. Conspicuously absent from the collection are the voices of any "real" teenagers, although it should be acknowledged that such voices would only ever appear as a set of representations anyway. To be fair to the editors and assembled authors, their primary interest is the text and not necessarily its reception except in an ideal way: The intention of this volume is to unravel [the] recurrent characteristics of teen dramas from the last decade or so, to scrutinise them and to speculate upon their implications and inspirations".