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Creative Work

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Redgate, J. (2005). Jacky Redgate - Life of the System 1980 - 2005 [Exhibition]. Sydney: Museum of Contemporary Art. Refer attached catalogue: Jacky Redgate 1980-2003, Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, 2005, 122p.



Research Background
This exhibition, held at Sydney’s prestigious Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) grew out of a survey exhibition held at the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia in Adelaide, 2004 - 2005. Showcasing twenty-five years of practice, including photography, sculpture and installation, as well as a new body of 6 photographic works called ‘Untitled 1980-2005’. An exhibition catalogue was published including the essay ‘Jacky Redgate: Life of the System 1980–2005’ written by Russell Storer. In tandem with this survey exhibition, Redgate was invited to curate an exhibition from the MCA collection. Entitled ‘1967: Selected works from the MCA collection’, it was accompanied by a catalogue with an essay written by the artist: ‘Arriving in Australia, 1967: Selected works from the MCA Collection’, MCA, Sydney.

Research Contribution
“Redgate brings together various strands of intellectual investigation in her work, ranging across mathematics, science, aesthetics and art history, while also considering the personal and social dimensions of images and objects. This exhibition features key photographic series and sculptural works from the past twenty-five years, as well as a new series of photographs created for the exhibition.” (MCA, Summer 2005 Brochure).

Research Significance
The exhibition was supported from research funding by Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art, the Australia Council for the Arts’ Visual Arts/Craft Board, and the Faculty of Creative Arts, University of Wollongong.