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This paper explores tacit knowledge sharing. This case demonstrates the significance of knowledgesharing to organizational performance, by exploring the contribution of tacit knowledgesharing to the success of projects in the Australian Film Industry (AFI). The differences betweenknowledge sharing, collaboration and communication, and their interrelations are addressed. Wealso explore the concepts of knowledge, information, and data. In the interchanges reported herethe knowledge shared is almost entirely tacit, and the raw data and information do not existwithout the context that makes them knowledge. The paper includes the identification of manyfactors affecting knowledge sharing, not all of which have been identified by previous researchers.This research contributes to a better understanding of tacit knowledge and how that knowledgeis shared. This in turn contributes to a better understanding of how knowledge managementcan be supported in a modern organization, where often the technology is used in ways not wellunderstood by system managers and software developers. A better understanding can lead to betterICT design and support of knowledge sharing both within and across organizations.