South Solitary - Macgowan Films (Composer)

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Creative Work

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Mary P. Finsterer (Composer), South Solitary [motion picture], Macgowan Films, Icon Films Distribution, Ontario, Canada, 2010. Soundtrack by Mary Finsterer on ABC Classics recording (DVD). Access a complete set of the audio files here. See the following for composer details: Compser's website & music here; South Solitary director's blog; ABC shop product details.



Research Background

The research for this work is threefold: firstly it focuses on how music is able to refer a period in history while maintaining a contemporary perspective. Secondly It investigates the concept of originality and the role it plays in the interpretation of folk music, and thirdly It examines the methods in which composer is able to inform the creative process of film–making from pre–production to post–production.

Research Contribution

This work allowed the composer to contribute in an integral way to the film–making process, and in doing so borrow compositional methods from the techniques borne of the concert world and adapt them to the world of screen composition.

Research Significance

The music that resulted from this research resulted in the composition, performance and recording of an original soundtrack for the Australian feature written and directed by Shirley Barrett entitle South Solitary. The music received a Nomination for Best Film Score by the Film Critics Circle of Australia in 2011.