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Creative Work

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Mary P. Finsterer, Red Green Blue [musical composition], presented at 'Orkest De Ereprijs: Down Under 2010', Arnhem, Netherlands, 21 October 2010. Download the score here; audio file here (below); and refer the Australian Music Centre website entry for this work.



Research Background

The research for this work originates from the convention of how colour is used in photography. Known as the RGB colour model, ‘RGB’ refers to the initials of the three primary colours of this system – red, green and blue – that when added together can produce a broad spectrum of colours. In composing for the Dutch ensemble, De Ereprijs, one of the most exciting aspects of working with this group of musicians was having the ability to explore the rich ‘colour spectrum’ available. Red Green Blue explores colour in the orchestration through the employment of specific themes, with groups of instruments acting merging together, or refracting to create a more unexpected result.

Research Contribution

This work allowed the composer to explore how colour in music might parallel concepts in photography, and to explore how a piece of music might delineate the formation of a colour–wheel that reacts to light, forming prisms of sound.

Research Significance

This work was performed in two concerts in 2010 by the internationally recognised ensemble, ‘Orkest De Ereprijs’ in a programme dedicated to Australian composers entitled ‘Down Under Music’ in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Juniper Chamber Orchestra scheduled a performance of the work on 30 March 2012 in West Australia.



Red Green Blue.mp3 (16691 kB)