Die Hard 4: Screen/Multimedia Music

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Creative Work

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Mary P. Finisterer, 2007, Screen and Multimedia Music for the film Die Hard 4, FOX Studios, USA. See here for Soundcloud archive of music excerpts by Mary Finsterer: Soundcloud.; contents of soundtrack recording here.



Research Background

A Churchill Fellowship enabled Finsterer to travel to Los Angeles to work in a music production led by Hollywood composer Marco Beltrami. During this time the composer was able to research and be involved the making of the film music for Die Hard 4.

Research Contribution

One of the most important aspects for a composer of screen–music is to have insight and experience into how film production can inform the art of making music. In the Hollywood industry, with its long tradition and highly developed techniques of film production, coupled with the massive turnover of product, this research focused on how the creative process of composition works within a highly systemised operation.

Research Significance

This work allowed the composer to research the most up–to–date methods of composing music for film and to develop an understanding of the working process of music production for feature film in the USA. This music for Die Hard 4 was recorded at the Newman Scoring Stage, Fox Studios, Hollywood and was released by Twentieth Century Fox.