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Creative Work

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Jacky Redgate, Equal Solids Volumes, 1994 - 2010 (exhibition in a book), in J. Barbour (ed.), Within, Apartment Books, Melbourne, Australia, 2010. The book was conceived as an exhibition of contemporary art, curated by David O'Halloran. It was launched at Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts, St. Kilda, Victoria, on 16 October 2010. Download catalogue entry here.



Research Background

New photographic work ‘Equal Solids Volumes, 1994 – 2010’ was produced for an exhibition in a book, entitled, Within (Seven Australian and New Zealand artists present 40 works in a curated exhibition in the form of a book), Apartment, Melbourne. Curator, David O’Halloran invited Redgate to produce work specifically for reproduction in the book, for which Redgate reshot a series of test photographs.

Research Contribution

Whereas the sculptural forms comprising Equal Solids worked from eighteenth century mathematical formulae derived form the discipline of Solid Geometry to create computer rendered solids of equal volume but differing shape. In the photographs reshot for this ‘exhibition in a book’, Redgate sought to destabalise experience and perception by translating sculptural forms based on calculations dating back to Isaac Newton in a two-dimensional form.

Research Significance

This book features the art of seven ‘mature and sophisticated’ Australian and New Zealand contemporary artists, including John Barbour, Jane Burton, Alin Huma, David McDowell, Monique Redmond, Sarah Ryan, Darren Sylvester. selected using the theme 'within'. The theme foregrounds concepts such as interiority, states of mind associated with meditation and reflection - as well as melancholia and loss. The work was ‘curated’ into the book by independent David O’Halloran, who has twenty-five years experience working in the visual arts, and was launched at Linden Centre for Contemporary Arts.